Fatal Attraction

Curated by Evbaguehita Odeh

Poster by Evbaguehita Odeh

The two films presented in this are connected by a string of Risk and Death. It presents a love beyond physical representation, and intimacy beyond words. This targeted audience is LGBT Identify people. The program serves to give purpose to intimacy beyond external factors.

Title: Drawn to you
Year: 2019
Director: Eleanor Davitt
Run Time: 4min 34sec

Title: Soul Mates
Year: 2020
Director: AnimatiaTrain
Run Time: 2min 33sec

About the Curator

Hello, I am Evbaguehita Odeh and a Cinema Major with a Business Administration Minor. My artistic focus lies within lgbt, black and anthropological culture. I started a film media company called Silence to Sound which focuses on non monolithic experiences within the black community. My dream one day is to have my own T.V. Network.

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