#TikTok4ASpot Extended!

If you haven’t already heard, #tiktok4aspot has been extended until May 10th. If you don’t have a movie to submit to film finals, make a Tik Tok about your life at SFSU for a chance to still see your work on the big screen! Just as a reminder here are the rules:

1. Videos have a time limit of one minute

2. Open only to cinema majors

3. One entry per-person

4. All videos must be posted on Tik Tok and you must be following the Film Finals’ Tik Tok (@sfsufilmfinals) to be considered 

5. If your video is chosen, you may be asked to submit it to our tech committee, so please keep a separate copy of your video

The 3 winners will be chosen based on the amount of likes the post gets, so tell your friends! Winners get their Tik Toks shown during the Film Final’s pre-party. If you have any more questions feel free to DM us! We can’t wait to see what you make!

*#TIKTOK4ASPOT is a competition meant to promote the 62nd Film Finals and is not considered an official submission to the festival*

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