The 60th Film Finals Official Selections

Announcing the 60th Film Finals Official Selections!

Avalon Glenn, “Be Creative” *Quarantine Special Category
Noah Weisel, “Neris”
Birdy Wei-ting Hong, “Dear Commuter”
Courtney Pratt, “The Ballad of Lucky Dave”
Asha Bynoe-Berry, “Three of Swords”
Isabel Mazzolini, “Pillow”
Asali Rasmussen Echols, “Timeline”
David Mai, “Ashes of Alyssa”
Samuel Holguin, “Trumpet Player”
Luna Cristales, “Draw Yourself to Sleep” *Quarantine Special Category
Jessica Payne, “Reality Check”
Jungmin Woo, “Pulse”
Daniel Elmore, “Meditations of Madness”
Casey Beck, “You/Me”
Joshua Alejandres, “Mamá Sabe (Mother Knows)”
Alison Colcord,” Desolate Spring” *Quarantine Special Category
Marcello Hutchinson-Trujillo, “A Garden For George”

VR/360 Selections
Christopher Wooten, “Isolation” *Quarantine Special Category
Edward Reuss, “A Short Stay in the Hospital”

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