59th Film Finals Official Selection

Thank you to everyone who submitted and congratulations to those selected! We appreciate all your hard work in creating these projects over the past school year. Here is the program for the 59th Annual Film Finals. You can catch all of these on May 21st at the Roxie. Tickets can be bought here.

YuHui (Judei) Yang, “Taiwanese Cha Cha Cha,” 15 min. Two young girls set out for a secret journey against their parents’ will in order to reconnect back with their grandparents.

Noah Namgoong, “Pretty Boy Swag,” 4 min. An homage to Soulja Boy.

Asali Echols, “The Violin Upstairs,” 3 min. A short animated documentary that tells the story of the previous owners of the filmmaker’s violin.

Still from “The Violin Upstairs.”

Maddy Graves, “Conditional,” 8 min. A teenage track star finds the one thing she can’t run away from: her mother.

Still from “Conditional.”

Alexander Gonzalez, “Wet Paint,” 5 min. A lonely painting must be recognized before it disappears into nothingness, all without making a sound.

Still from “Wet Paint.”

Colin Horan, “Liú Shou (Left Behind Children),” 10 min. To most rural living Chinese, greater economic prosperity lies in construction of urban infrastructure and modernization of a rapidly growing economy. Many leave their homes, to the bigger metropolitan areas, in hopes of making enough money to send their kids to school; in addition to, provide financial support for themselves and their distant family. 69 million children are annually “left behind” to be raised by their grandparents. Many children are only able to see their parents, once a year, during the Chinese New Year Celebration.

Jeffrey Dublin, “Magical Girl Sparring Practice,” 3 min. A stop motion animation of two friends practicing their combat skills against each other to prove that they are equally capable. Magical powers included.

Still from “Magical Girl Sparring Practice.”

Ellie Vanderlip, “Their Feet Flat on the Floor,” 6 min. 16mm found footage direct animation and sound collage about voyeurism, trauma, belief, and recovery.

Still from “Their Feet Flat on the Floor.”

Jessica Le, “No Forks in the Road,” 14 min. At a rest stop, May’s newly found friendship with a stranger leaves her at a crossroads with her cultural identity.

Still from “No Forks in the Road.”

Wyatt Irmen, “Sacrifice,” 3 min. To what ends would you go to save the one you love? How much of yourself will you give up?

Still from “Sacrifice.”

Domonik Hernandez, “Grandma Said it’s like a Silent Movie,” 3 min. An experimental short film.

Still from “Grandma Said it’s like a Silent Movie.”

Lindhan Le, “When I Close My Eyes,” 3 min. An ode to my girlfriend. Queers imprinted on black and white celluloid. WARNING: flicker effect may induce seizures.

Still from “When I Close My Eyes.”

Sepideh Khosrowjah, “Lemon Cake,” 9 min. The fears and anxieties of aging as a woman, in a society where older women are made invisible.

Haley Gilchrist, “Art Instruction,” 1 min. A short experimental animation using Play-Doh to poke fun at how artists sometimes take ourselves, our educations, and our processes too seriously.

Anaiis Cisco, “Drip Like Coffee,” 17 min. An intimate portrait of a Black woman whose desire for her female co-worker complicates her relationship with her boyfriend.

Still from “Drip Like Coffee.”

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