Program List


Flock Together // Alexander Irwin
Three proud birds of distinct feathers converge upon the same territory and fly into battle.

RACE // Natalya Sharapova
RACE is an experimental personal documentary.

My Mother Myself And I Film Still.jpg
My Mother, Myself, and I // King Yaw Soon
Four long takes, four mother-son moments, one unspoken truth.

Lux // Saida Edwards
The power of sisterhood encourages an unsure woman to embrace her autonomy.

Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 1.47.29 PM.png
Fish // Allan Law
A young couple’s relationship troubles and events that transpire over the course of a day and a half that will change their for better or for worse.

Into the Night Still.jpg

Into the Night // Chris Camacho
Set during the impoverished U.S. of 2008, an adamant young woman uncovers the truth about her convoluted father on her way home.

zane - texas is the reason.jpg
SUN / SON // Zane Timpson
A visual accompaniment to Bill Moran’s poem “BOWIE KNIFE,” this film dives into the red recesses of memory.

#Me Too // Kimberly Gutierrez
Short documentary following the stories of three people and their experiences of sexual harassment, set to an experimental animation.

GYRL // Anaiis Cisco
GYRL follows Skylar, an eleven-year-old basketball player, forced to care for her ill and sexually abusive father during her weekend visit.

My Body for Bokchoy // David Mai
Set in San Francisco in 1906, the daughter of an unnamed Chinese woman employs herself as a sex worker in order to survive.

Look, Listen, Take Heed // Grace Villaroman
Experimental animation briefly exploring the skewed perception of misogynistic and rape culture.

Salvacion Film Still.png
Salvación // Raquel Ramirez
Fernanda, a young Mexican girl, ventures to the other side of the Mexico/US border to escape an aggressively intolerant homophobic home.

Bite Me, Please Photo 01.jpeg
Bite Me, Please // Christopher Wooten
In a post apocalyptic world where zombies and humans live side by side, teens struggle with parents who still don’t understand.

The Lobster // Joe Barnett
A Lobster tries to destroy a city but is meet by a brave civilian.

Still ELB 2.jpg
Shoe Shiner // Andrés Gallegos
Contextualized in 1989, Chile, the short film narrates the story of a shoe-shining boy, his struggle to survive and the loss of his innocence.

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