2018 Official Film Selections

The results are in! After reviewing a record number of submissions (over 120!), the faculty, staff and student jury has selected the following films to screen at the 58th Annual Film Finals:

Alexander Irwin – Flock Together, 4.45 mins
Natalya Sharapova – Race, 3.03 mins
King Yaw Soon – My Mother, Myself, and I, 7.30 mins
Saida Edwards – Lux, 3.05 mins
Allan Law – Fish, 3.10 mins
Chris Camacho – Into the Night, 7.34 mins
Zane Timpson – SUN/SON, 1.58 mins
Kimberly Gutierrez – Me Too, 4.04 mins
Anaiis Cisco – GYRL, 8 mins
David Mai – My Body for Bokchoy, 3 mins
Grace Villaroman – Look, Listen, Take Heed, 3.20 mins
Raquel Ramirez – Salvación, 8.30 mins
Christopher Wooten – Bite Me, Please, 2.30 mins
Joe Barnett – The Lobster, 2.26 mins
Andrés Gallegos – Shoe Shiner, 17 mins

Congratulations to the selected filmmakers and thank you to everyone who submitted this year!

Get your ticket now to experience this moment of cinema history! Tickets are available through the Roxie Theater website here.

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