SF Film Finals Artist Bio: Karly Stark

Karly Stark is one of the last year’s film finalists.

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Since being selected as a finalist for the 56th Annual San Francisco Film Finals for her short film, Genetic Memory, Karly Stark has been quite the outstandingly busy person. Rounding up the 2015-2016 school year, Stark not only received her M.F.A. in Cinema at San Francisco State University but also the Department Award.

Stark currently resides in Oakland and maintains not one, not two, but four jobs.

First, she is a lecturer in the Cinema Department at SF State, having taught Women in Cinema focusing on the often-overlooked careers of female director’s after receiving her Graduate degree. During her M.F.A. program, however, Stark had also taught Art of Cinematography and a GWAR class. As of now she is teaching her first production course on Experimental Cinema.

In addition to lecturing, Stark also serves as the Program Director of The Great Wall of Oakland, a non-profit organization. The 100’ by 100’ projection installation which resides between Valley and Broadway on West Grand Avenue not only presents art projections to the public (every First Friday) but contributes to the social and economic health of Oakland and the community of artists.

Next, Stark also works as a reader (which she recounts is helpful grading her own student’s papers) and as a Librarian/Operations Work Leader at the Media Resource Center at UC Berkeley where she attended for her Undergrad in Film Studies.

Apart from her various budding professions, Stark perhaps is best well known for having found her niche as an experimental filmmaker. She finds that her mind works conceptually rather than narratively in terms of thinking cinematically, and relishes the processes of experimental work and the option of having control over every step of production to make a personal project. Additionally, she explains how when making experimental work one does not need to rely on grants or outside money but rather may make use of archival or found footage for inspiration, or quite simply a film camera.

To find out more about Karly, check out her website!


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